Tuesday, January 9, 2007

BlackBerry Lookup - The Details

The BlackBerry lookup feature allows one to do a lookup against the Domino address book from the device. Some common questions I see regarding this feature are:

1) What fields does it pull from?


2) Can I customize the fields it uses?

Well the answer to #2 is No, not as of September 2007, the code is fixed and will probably not be customizable by us BES admins for awhile, if ever. The answer to the first question, however, is a little more straightforward.

Here is a chart of the fields that, if populated in the Domino address book Person documents, are delivered as results to the device:

Here is a more graphical view of the actual Person document form and matching results fields, for those visual thinkers out there:

1 comment:

er said...

Do you have any updates on this. I would love to customize the field, or at least omit to have the Title returned when my users perform a lookup.
The Title really screws up the sorting when you look at your Lotus Notes sent items.